Mammoth Resorts

About Working at Mammoth Resorts

Mammoth Resorts offers exciting, equal-opportunity employment options for job seekers looking for a rewarding work experience in the ski resort and hospitality industry.

Mammoth Resorts takes pride in the mountain lifestyle: skiing, snowboarding, hiking, biking and much more are at your finger tips at both of our destinations: Mammoth Mountain and June Mountain.  

Employee Benefits

  • Free season pass and other discounts
  • Affordable employee housing (Mammoth Mountain only)
  • Discounts on food, retail purchases, rentals, lodging, and travel
  • Limited daily lift privileges for friends & family members
  • Career positions offer paid vacation, sick pay, 401(k), insurance, and more

Job Types

There are typically an array of positions available at Mammoth Resorts, be they winter and summer seasonal jobs or year-round, full-time career-oriented roles. 

What are you looking for?

  • Indoors --- OR --- Outdoors?
  • Part-time --- OR --- Full-time?
  • Guest Facing --- OR --- Behind the scenes?
  • Applying mastered skills --- OR --- Learning new ones?

Unsure? Send us an email or call to speak to a Team Specialist:

Job Seeker FAQs

  • What resources are available for job seekers?

  • How do I get to Mammoth Lakes without a car?

  • About our Appearance Standards

  • What about being an Instructor?

  • May International applicants work at Mammoth?